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Shop Santé offers a tasty Stevia-sweetened fiber blend that can easily be incorporated into your diet. We use premium quality sources that will help you with your digestion in general, specifically to avoid bloating, constipation and also by eliminating waste from the body allowing for better intestinal health.

For best results, mix one scoop in 250ml of water twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.

Fibriss® uniquely offers both soluble and insoluble fiber in addition to polyphenols. Unlike traditional fiber options, Fibriss® easily tastes incredible blended and is grain free! The low dosage and ease of blending opens up applications that were previously difficult to provide.

It is also sustainable, organic, FODMAP friendly, and has a positive impact on the African communities it is sourced from. Fibriss® contains soluble fiber that acts as a prebiotic, insoluble fiber that helps with regularity, and polyphenols that act as prebiotics for optimal gut health.

Also known as the tree of life, the baobab is a fruit tree that has supported life for over 200 million years. The seeds ripen and fall to the ground or are harvested, yet retain their edible utility for up to 10 years! The indigenous people of Africa (where the baobab is found) are known to regularly ingest 100 grams per day on a diet of organic baobab fiber.


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