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Moisturizing Drink 500ml last chance!

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The popular PRIME drinks are now available!
No added sugar​
20 Calories ​
10% Coconut water​
Expiration date depending on flavor:
Glow Berry: 08/21/2024

Lemonade: 11/15/2024

Strawberry Watermelon: 07/15/2024

Tropical Punch: 02/17/2024

Ice Lolly: 06/10/2024

Blue Raspb: 02/18/2024

Meta Moon: 08/08/2024

Lemon Lime: 02/19/2024

* We are not responsible for the condition of the products after delivery, weather conditions may damage the finish of the product, however the effectiveness and nutritional values ​​are not affected.


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