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Discovery Basket of the Month

Panier Découverte du Mois.

Fat Burner Category : Nova Pharma Slimming Trio

Pre-Workout Category : PreFuel by Believe Orange Flavor

General Health Category : Virixia

Hardcore Category : N/A

Collagen category : 100g of Lychee Collagen in bulk Shop Santé

Vegan Category : N/A

Vitamin/Hormonal Category : SynerZinc

Sport/Performance Category : N/A

Recovery/Protein category: 1lb Iso Juice Lotus Tropical from Shop Santé

Snack Category 1 : Little Goods Coconut flavor

Snack Category 2 : Jimmy Sevigny Gummies

Snack Category 3 : Grit Protein Beverage

Health Shop : At all times Yoga bottle and Shaker Health Shop

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