Chocolate Bars 70g


Designed to stop hunger and midday cravings .

Goodbye appetite, each square contains real chocolate,

Our squares are made with real chocolate and studies have shown that the taste elements of real chocolate help lower your level of cravings.

All of our clean plant protein and superfoods provide the nutrients needed to ward off cravings and treats.

Ingredients: Organic real chocolate (*cocoa powder, *cocoa butter), *yacon syrup, *hemp protein powder, *pumpkin seeds, *dates, *protein powder of inca inchi, *coconut sugar, *maca powder, *vanilla pod powder, *pink salts. All ingredients are certified organic by ECOCERT Canada.


* We are not responsible for the condition of the products after delivery, weather conditions may damage the finish of the product, on the other hand the efficiency and the nutritional values ​​do not suffer.

Mid Day Squares - Tablettes de chocolat 33g.
vegan quebec-product gluten-free lactose free

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