Mind Blow

Nootropic 473mL


Discover the energy drink reinvented! Experience the power of nootropics in our all-new Mind Blow® Canada's first premium energy drink with nootropics!

Optimize your concentration and clarity

Mind blow uses a combination of nootropics, vitamins and stimulants to quickly and effectively boost your concentration! You'll notice an almost immediate difference in your ability to stay focused for hours on end. An incomparable sensation!

Boost your energy levels for up to 6 hours

Mind Blow is an energy drink unlike any other, thanks to the synergy and effectiveness of its formula. Instead of being a simple caffeine drink, Mind Blow uses the power of nootropics to dramatically boost your energy levels for 4 to 6 hours. Goodbye tired afternoons!

Why is everyone switching to Mind Blow?

✔️ Increases energy, focus, clarity and mood for up to 6 hours ✔️ Delicious flavors and great effectiveness for big days ✔️ Synergistic formula containing safe and powerful nootropics ✔️ 1 can of Mind Blow is more effective than 2 cans of our competitors (and safer!).

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