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Genuine Health

Genuine Health - Omega 3 (120 capsules)


Adultes et adolescents (de 14 à 18 ans) : Prenez 2 gélules tous les jours avec de la nourriture.

Enfants (de 6 à 13 ans) : Prenez 1 gélule tous les jours avec de la nourriture.

Balance - which we all seek, but which is not so easy to achieve. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for our health and well-being. Yet most of us can't find a balance in our intake of omega-6 fatty acids versus omega-3 fatty acids. Genuine Health was one of the pioneers of the fish oil industry in Canada. We quickly realized that fish oils and their main fatty acids are not ingredients whose proportions must be the same for everyone. That's why we've worked to ensure that all consumers, with their unique health concerns, have a product that's right for them.
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