Les différents types de protéines en poudre

The different types of protein powder

Feb 19, 2019Martin Côté-Gendron

Many people have completely justified questions before purchasing a protein powder. I will try here to explain as simply as possible the different most popular protein powders found on the market.

Whey protein (Whey)

Whey protein comes first from milk, but more specifically from whey, which is the liquid residue from the manufacture of cheese and other dairy products. This liquid then goes through a process of filtration and drying, resulting in the product better known as Whey. Most Wheys on the market have a protein percentage between 60% and 80%. It is important to note that whey protein still contains a slight portion of carbohydrates, fats as well as lactose. It is an entry-level protein that is generally suitable for people who do not suffer from lactose intolerance and who have excellent digestion.

Whey Isolate (Whey Isolate)

The protein called Isolate is a protein that has been filtered and processed from Whey protein to remove fat, carbohydrates and lactose. This protein has a higher bioavailability than Whey and is much more easily digestible and assimilated. It will be the choice for anyone with some difficulty in digestion, people with discomfort following the intake of dairy products since it no longer contains lactose as well as any athlete looking for best source of protein to optimize recovery. The concentration of this type of protein varies from 90% to 97%.

beef protein

Beef protein is made from, you guessed it, beef. It therefore contains no dairy products. It is made from the hydrolyzed collagen of beef. Despite the purity of whey isolate, some people may experience some discomfort when digesting it. We then often refer these people to a beef protein that digests very well. However, the typical amino acid profile of this protein remains less interesting than Whey since it contains less leucine, the most anabolic amino acid. So for a muscle gain goal, protein isolate is still a better choice if you can digest it well.

vegetable protein

Vegetable protein can come from different sources. The manufacture of the latter comes mainly from rice, peas and hemp. The concentration of this protein can vary enormously ranging from 50% to 90% protein. It will then be very important to read the label of the nutritional values ​​of the product so that it corresponds to your objectives. It is important to note that this protein does not contain any dairy or animal products and is very easy to digest. However, the creamier texture of the latter may require some adaptation compared to Whey and beef protein which have very liquid textures.

Cricket protein

We even offer a cricket protein option in store. This last protein offers excellent bioavailability in addition to having an ecological footprint far lower than milk and beef proteins. The texture of the protein is similar to that of the vegetable and requires a slight adaptation if you are used to Whey proteins.

casein protein

The protein called casein also comes from whey. The major difference is in the digestion time it requires. Many people can take up to 8 hours to digest it. This makes casein protein an excellent choice for long periods without eating and before bed at night for people gaining muscle mass. The best known on the market is the micellar form which is naturally isolated from milk without chemicals.

After training, I'm looking for a protein that is assimilated quickly and digested as easily as possible since the body is still under stress. I always opt for a protein isolate. I take either the ISO XTREME DE XPN chocolate flavor or the ISOLAT CAPPUCINO FLAVOR available in bulk.

If I am in a period of mass gain, I will opt for the Casein FX from Allmax in the evening before bedtime.

Do not hesitate to share your food intolerances or questions with your advisor at Shop Santé so that he can direct you to the best protein for you!

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