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Hydra+Electrolytes 210g

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Need a supersonic hydration boost? 💧💥 Hydra+ is here to help you beat the thirst of your most intense sports adventures, whether cycling, running, basketball, soccer, field hockey, gym.... With its super antioxidant powers and electrolytes, it offers optimal hydration and reduces muscle fatigue and cramps, thanks to the glycerol, coconut powder and taurine it contains. Its formula is three times more concentrated than that of other brands, making it much more effective. To avoid an overly salty taste, be sure to follow the Salt-O-Meter behind the jar, and mix with enough water, as the Himalayan salt that serves to maintain your body's electrolyte balance by replenishing minerals, can leave a few grains stuck to the glass! Get ready to stay at the top of your game, whatever the challenges that lie ahead!

Pour une hydratation et une performance optimales, il suffit de mélanger Hydra+ avec 500 ml à 1L d'eau (à ajuster selon le goût). Que ce soit avant d'aller au gym, pendant des séances d'entraînement intenses ou simplement comme boisson rafraîchissante pendant la journée, Hydra+ est la solution idéale pour rester hydraté et maintenir des performances optimales.


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