Protein cereal 198g


Protein-rich cereals, perfect for the morning or whenever a healthy, protein-rich snack is needed. Cacao flavor has a rich, smooth, sweet taste derived from high-quality cocoa. · Protein-rich cereals that don't compromise on taste: protein fuels your breakfast with TRUELY Cereal - we make our cereals with high-quality whey protein that tastes just like the nostalgic cereals you grew up with, but without sugars or synthetic ingredients. · The perfect protein-rich cereal for athletes: athletes in all sports and activities need a high protein intake to support muscle growth, recovery and general well-being. TRUELY Cereal is a protein-rich cereal that provides 15 g of protein per serving with just 120 calories, so you can reach your protein goals without going over your calories. Our cereals fit perfectly into your diet because they're convenient, delicious, high in protein and low in sugar, fat and calories. · TRUELY cereals are made with high-quality whey proteins. The absence of soy, wheat, pea proteins or other cheaper, lower-quality options ensures the presence of the full spectrum of essential amino acids. . TRUELY cereals contain no added sugar, artificial sweeteners or artificial colors. · Our cereals are gluten-free, low-carb and keto-friendly, so you can enjoy a bowl of protein-rich cereal that's gentle on your digestive system and light on carbs, making it the perfect "I need protein, but don't. know what to eat". · The base of our cereals is whey protein and rice starch, which gives them a clean taste and doesn't require ten minutes of brushing to loosen from your teeth.

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