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Slimming Trio Set for Men


Obesity is a growing phenomenon in our society and has become a worrying reality. Nova Pharma is proud to present to you a fat burner at the cutting edge of current research and science and delivers you an ingeniously designed formula with ingredients that work in synergy with each other. Our blend provides you with energy for the day, in addition to having several thermogenic effects. It promotes fat oxidation, controls appetite and sugar cravings, it evacuates water retention in addition to targeting certain tougher fats thanks in particular to raspberry ketones and green coffee beans. Lipodria regulates certain hormones, mainly insulin and glucagon as well as several related cells. Finally, our fat burner will allow you to reach new goals, cross your limits and optimize your physical performance.


Virixia is a scientifically developed formula of Bulgarian Tribulus, Siberian Ginseng, DIM (Diindolylmethane) and Fenugreek. Tribulus and Fenugreek work together to support a healthy reproductive system and libido in men. DIM is added in a role of maintaining healthy cervical, prostate and breast cells. VIRIXIA is a strong agent for male health, energy support, stamina and vitality. The formula helps nourish the reproductive system and soothes the central nervous system, while promoting sexual abilities. These nutraceutical compounds are generally used to increase athletic performance, testosterone levels, sperm production, sexual desire and potency in men. It may also help support immune function and cardiovascular health. VIRIXIA is a 100% natural blend, made entirely of premium plant-based nutraceuticals.


Today, we are a hundred times more stressed than 50 years ago, both at the psychological level and at the level of the organism. Cortisol is the hormone secreted when any stress is perceived by the body. If the level of this hormone remains high, in the long term this can cause adrenal fatigue (chronic fatigue) and also cause repercussions on several other organs such as the thyroid system and the endocrine system. Cortixia is a product created primarily to lower cortisol and promote restful sleep. High cortisol can lead to fat accumulation mainly in the abdomen. Cortixia prevents this kind of buildup in addition to all of its other mood, recovery, and overall health benefits.

Nova Pharma - Coffret 2.0 pour hommes.

Hydroxia: On recommande 2 capsules par jour, matin et début pm.
Virixia: Prendre 3 gélules par jour au petit-déjeuner, au déjeuner et au dîner
Cortixia: On recommande 3 capsules par jour, les 3 au coucher.

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