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Nova Pharma - Hydroxia 60 Caps


Hydroxia: On recommande 2 capsules par jour, matin et début pm.


These days, obesity is a growing phenomenon and is considered quite alarming. Nova Pharma presents its fat burner which is at the forefront of the most recent scientific discoveries. It delivers an ingenious formula created with ingredients working in perfect synergy. Our blend provides daily energy boost while offering several positive thermogenic effects. It promotes fat oxidation, will control appetite and sugar cravings, and help flush fluids through water retention. It can also target hard-to-break-out hard fats with ingredients like raspberry ketones and green coffee beans. Hydroxia regulates certain hormones, especially insulin and glucagon, as well as other cells. Finally, our fat burner will allow you to reach new goals, exceed your limits and help optimize your physical performance.

The dosage of Hydroxia: We recommend 2 capsules per day, morning and early pm.

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