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EAA 30 portions


Discover EAA : your essentialamino acid to perform at your best.

Our EAA is specially designed to provide you with a source of essential amino acids, which are essential for maintaining good health and muscle growth.

When used in conjunction with regular strength or resistance training and a balanced diet, our EAA helps build muscle mass and promote the growth of lean muscle tissue.

In addition to supporting your muscle development, our EAA plays a key role in improving your physical performance. When combined with a training program, our amino acid supplement helps you reach new heights in strength, endurance and recovery.

Choose our EAA, the training supplement that will propel you to success.

Advantages and Benefits :
Helps build muscle mass when used in combination with regular training and a balanced diet
Helps improve physical performance, when combined with a training program.
Several flavours available: cyclone popsicle, dragon fruit, pink lemonade, watermelon, grape lime, grapefruit and rainbow.

Mélanger 1 scoop avec 1 à 2 tasses d’eau ou de jus et boire immédiatement 1 fois par jour. Il est possible de combiner EAA avec SLIM AX BURNER pour obtenir une boisson tout-en-un (ajouter le double de quantité de liquide). Pour usage occasionnel.

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