Magnum - Thrust


Prendre 1 portion (3 capsules) avant l'entraînement et 1 portion (3 capsules) avant le coucher.

Pendant les jours de repos, prendre 1 portion (3 capsules) le matin et 1 portion (3 capsules) avant le coucher.


Thrust supports and greatly improves the natural production of testosterone, even if it is inhibited by aging, the use of pro-hormones or stress. In addition, Thrust includes a very powerful anti-aromatase technology, specially designed to reduce estrogen and DHT levels. It also contains a key ingredient rarely used in the sports supplement industry (due to its extremely high cost), but has been shown to increase the rate of protein synthesis for faster muscle gains. The Thrust formula is so complete that its positive effects can often be felt within the first 5 days of use. These effects include increased strength, libido, recovery, energy, as well as incredibly deep sleep and vivid dreams. Thrust has proven itself in the gym and lab for over 13 years with the inclusion of the most effective, 100% pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

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