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Magnum - Mane Brain (60 capsules)

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Prendre 2 capsules par jour. Évitez de prendre au coucher.

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"Where are my keys?!" "What time is my meeting exactly?!" "I feel so tired and mentally drained." "Wait, I know who was in that movie! Give me a minute, it'll come back to me. Damn, I knew it!" "I can't concentrate on my training right now." Do any of these comments sound familiar? We've all been there - mental fog, lack of energy, memory lapses. Now you can do something about it! MANE BRAIN is clinically formulated to increase your brain's ability to process data, store more information and reduce stress and anxiety. Do yourself a favor today and try MANE BRAIN. You'll feel more energetic, alert, focused and less distracted, right from the first dose!

  • Maximizes Concentration
  • Improves Memory
  • Stimulates Brain Energy
  • Increases Clarity
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