Carne Diem (96 capsules)


MAXIMIZES L-CARNITINE ABSORPTION IN MUSCULAR TISSUES - Carne Diem succeeds where current L-Carnitine products have failed

REDUCES HIGH URINARY EXCRETION OF L-CARNITINE - Magnum's Carne Diem has unlocked the powers of L-carnitine and solved the problems of poor absorption, transport and retention that have plagued all other L-carnitine products.

FORCES YOUR MUSCLES TO PROMOTE OXIDATION OF FATTY ACIDS AS FUEL - Carne Diem enables your body to transport fats into the mitochondria of your muscle cells for use as energy without the need for an insulin spike, unlike other L-Carnitine products.

PRESERVES GLYCOGEN FOR IMPROVED PUMPING - Carne Diem's secondary ingredients also force your body to choose fat as a fuel source rather than glycogen, keeping your muscles full and pumping, even during a low-calorie diet

COMBINES WELL WITH; Magnum After Burner, Drip Dry, Acid, Heat Accelerated & Big C

  • Maximizes absorption of L-Carnitine into muscle tissue
  • Forces your muscles to promote fatty acid oxidation for fuel
  • Preserves glycogen for improved pumps while staying lean
  • Reduces high urinary excretion of L-Carnitine

Prendre 2 capsules, 2 fois par jour soit 2 avant l'entraînement et 2 avant le coucher.


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