Full disclosure - the GHOST® family is obsessed with nitric oxide products and we have no fun saying that the GHOST® pump is the best... ever.

After more than a year of manufacturing, GHOST® Pump is here to bring you more premium ingredients (including patented NO3-T®, GlycerSize™ and Astragin®), a better formula (fully disclosed AND vegan compatible), better flavors (including authentic snacks) and better value (more scoops).

GHOST Full Disclosure Label

40 Legendary Scoops (20 servings)
4G of L-Citrulline (plant-fermented) per serving
Arginine nitrate 2.5G (NO3-T®)

Mélanger une scoop avec 150ml à 300ml d’eau ou de boisson de choix, 30 minutes avant l’exercice les jours d’entraînement.
Utilisateurs avancés/utilisateurs de plus de 160 lb, mélanger 1 à 2 scoop avec 350ml à 500ml d’eau avant l'entrainement.

gluten-free vegan

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