In 2016, we launched our flagship pre-training, GHOST LEGEND®, with a simple but powerful mission... to empower legends far beyond the walls of the gym. Not only is this mission anchored in our DNA, but GHOST LEGEND®, with its unique aesthetics, fully transparent effective formula and authentic flavors collabs, the first in the industry, has become the catalyst for a pretty epic sh*t in sports nutrition... and we’re just getting started.

V2 SZN has arrived and with it, more energy, more pumps and more concentration to go with a formula now vegan and an assortment of flavors absolutely EPIC. Here we go!

GHOST® Full Disclosure Label

25 servings two spoons (50 spoons in total for maximum versatility)

Ghost Legend v2 - 400g - Shop Santé

Mélanger 1 scoop avec 100ml à 250ml d’eau ou de boisson de choix. Varier la quantité de liquide au goût.

Commencez avec 1/2 scoop pour évaluer votre tolérance.
Consommez avant l’exercice les jours d’entraînement.

gluten-free vegan

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