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Flavored Vegan 667g

All our Flavored Vegan servings include 20g of plant-based protein, sugar-free, colouring-free, gluten-free, soy-free and lactose-free.

Helps with muscle growth and repair
Perfect for rapid absorption of post-workout protein
Quick and easy snack, you can also mix your Flavored Isolate with Superfoods+Greens for a more complete meal replacement

Is this product for me?

YES if ...

You need to increase the number of proteins you eat
You want a quick and easy snack
You’re lactose intolerant
You are vegan
NO if ...

You have trouble digesting herbal proteins

How to use it?

1-2 servings can be used after training, as a snack or as a meal replacement. Can be used to make protein recipes.
quebec-product vegan lactose free nuts-free gluten-free

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