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Believe - Flavored Isolate 775g

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Shake post-entraînement et/ou dans un smoothie.
Peut être ajouté à n'importe quoi, du gruau au yaourt, pour un coup de pouce santé.
Peut être utilisé dans des recettes comme les muffins, les crêpes et autres recettes.

$47.99 $59.99you save $12.00
  • Everything you love about Believe Clear Protein, flavor included!
  • 100% Pure Protein Isolate
  • 29 servings

If you are lactose intolerant or watch your calories carefully, whey isolate will be the best product for you. Isolate and Concentrate is basically the same protein, but isolate is filtered further, which means zero fat, zero sugar, and about 15% more protein per serving.

Believe Isolate Protein is the first ever publicly tested protein powder that gives you exactly what you pay. This product contains 27g of the highest quality isolate concentrate. Whether you want to increase your strength, gain muscle mass or lose weight, this is for you.

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