Atp Labs - Pure EAA 300g


Adultes : Bien mélanger le produit dans 1 à 2 tasses de liquide (eau, jus, etc.) immédiatement avant la consommation.
Informations supplémentaires sur la posologie : 1 scoop = 10g.


Pure EAA is a concentrated formula of 9 essential amino acids
and electrolytes to support recovery and lean mass gain. Are you
familiar with BCAAs, popular for their effectiveness in reducing muscle
catabolism? Unfortunately, many people mistakenly believe that they promote
muscle mass gain, whereas this process is impossible without having, at the same time,
all the essential amino acids that make up muscle.

For this reason, ATP has developed Pure EAA for those for whom gaining muscle mass is a priority.

NPN: 80081384

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