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ATP Lab - Estro Control 60caps

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Adultes : Prendre 1 capsule par jour avec les repas. Prendre quelques heures avant ou après la prise d'autres médicaments.

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A unique, effective and 100% natural formula that helps support healthy estrogen metabolism.

  • Promotes female hormonal balance
  • A decrease in cellulite
  • Weight loss (lower limbs)
  • Higher energy level
  • An increase in libido
  • Promotes estrogen and xenoestrogen detoxification

Estro Control supports healthy hormone metabolism in the liver by eliminating harmful excess estrogen metabolites and helping to stabilize estrogen and progesterone levels. Estro Control is a unique and revolutionary formula that combines various herbal extracts in a beneficial format that helps target the liver and detoxify it.


  • Well-known anti-inflammatory properties (inhibits NFkb pathway)
  • Powerful inducer of phases 1 & 2 of liver detoxification
  • Protects the liver
  • High level of antioxidant due to EGCG
  • Helps prevent aromatization
  • Helps prevent oxidation of estrogen to harmful metabolites.
  • Indole compound found in cruciferous vegetables
  • Stimulates enzymes that promote healthy estrogen metabolism/inhibits the expression of cancer-related genes
  • Adjusts the level of estradiol by transformation into less harmful metabolites.
  • Prevents side effects caused by aromatization of testosterone to estrogen
  • Promotes estrogen detoxification via glucuronidation in phase 2 of liver detoxification
  • Directly detoxifies steroid hormones, carcinogens and excess cholesterol
  • Inhibits beta-glucuronidase enzymes that block its action (promotes reabsorption)
  • Regulates the action of estrogen at the cellular level
  • SERM (select-estrogen-receptor-modulation) activity can inhibit estrogen binding affinity
  • Helps control inflammation and carcinogenic activity
  • Inhibits cancer cell growth and triggers cell apoptosis
  • Inhibits the proliferation of cancerous cells in the breasts (linked to excess estrogen)
  • Reduces expression of estrogen receptors, decreases cell expression and growth
  • Triggers an anti-inflammatory response in the body (NRF2 pathways)
  • 1 capsule daily / week 1
  • 2 capsules per day / week 2

Those with liver problems may experience headaches or dizziness. Light vaginal bleeding may indicate low progesterone levels.


Estro Control does not increase or decrease hormone production. Estro Control promotes estrogen balance by aiding in the excretion of harmful metabolites (4-methoxy-estrone, 16-alpha-OH-estrone).

This supplement formula is safe and highly effective for pre-menopausal women.

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