Aromatek 60 caps


New unique 100% natural formula for men's health. Helps support healthy estrogen metabolism.

What is "Aromatek"?

A synergistic combination of natural ingredients dosed effectively and supported by scientific research to optimize men's health.

Estrogenation, the end of the virile man?

Estrogen, the female hormone, right? No, not really. Although it is much more present in women, this hormone, or rather these hormones, are increasing significantly in men. Weight gain, mood swings, infertility, erectile dysfunction, obesity, gynecomastia are all symptoms observed in men whose hormones are overly flavoured (conversion of testosterone to estrogen) or who are intoxicated by so-called "xenoestrogenic" substances. And even if this subject has its share of contradictions in the literature and in the medical community, it is no less important and worrisome.

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Hommes adultes : prendre 1 capsule 2 à 3 fois par jour.

gluten-free lab-tested

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