Allmax R + ALA 60 capsules


ALLMAX Nutrition R-ALA promotes muscle uptake of glycogen. It does this by optimizing insulin activity and helping to speed up the amount of nutrients delivered to the muscles before and after training. R-ALA can help speed muscle recovery and can be combined with creatine to create a powerful, anabolic compound.

ALA is also an extremely powerful antioxidant, so powerful that it is known as the "universal antioxidant". Anyone who works out regularly knows that exercise can put a lot of wear and tear on your body. By supplementing with ALLMAX Nutrition R-ALA, you can protect your body from oxidative damage associated with intense training.

R-ALA complex:

ALLMAX Nutrition R-ALA Complex is a scientifically proven nutrient and antioxidant delivery complex. Unlike competing ALA products, this complex provides 125 mg of the active R(+) isomer, the pure mitochondrial form of ALA naturally found in the human body. This specific isomer is the exact form linked to the beneficial properties of alpha lipoic acid.


ALA products available on the market today consist almost entirely of the S(-) isomer of alpha lipoic acid. These inferior products have significantly lower nutrient supply and antioxidant properties. If your ALA product does not contain the R(+) isomer of ALA, switch to ALLMAX Nutrition's R-ALA Complex today.

Prendre 1-2 capsules de R+ALA 2-3 fois par jour.
En raison des propriétés nutritives de ce produit, il est recommandé de prendre R+ALA avec les repas, et / ou des suppléments qui nécessitent un apport efficace de nutriments dans les cellules musculaires comme Creatine Krush et ISOFLEX poudre de protéines.

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