Allmax Arginine HCL 400g

  • Precursor for the synthesis of nitric oxide (NO)
  • Stimulation of growth hormone release
  • Precursor of creatine production
  • Improves immune function

    ARGININE has long been touted by researchers and bodybuilders as one of the best and most effective ingredients on the market today. It has been included in virtually every top pre-workout supplement as a main ingredient.

    Recent academic research confirms the ability of ARGININE to act as a natural precursor to creatine synthesis in the body.

    It has also been shown to increase natural growth hormone levels and increase the body's ability to consume and use oxygen, primarily due to its ability to increase NITRIC OXIDE levels [ increase VASODILATION].


    ALLMAX ARGININE is a Japanese-grade ultra-pure white crystalline powder produced in a pharmaceutical-grade, government-inspected facility. A proprietary 11-step process derives this powerful amino monopeptide from a pure plant base.

    This means that no potential animal contamination and no source of animal by-products are possible. ALLMAX ARGININE crystals are ultra ground using the latest technological processes to obtain an ultra micro-fine powder for rapid absorption and biological use.

    Most research points to 6-9 grams per day for maximum benefit. By comparison, regular arginine capsules provide only 500-750mg, or less than a single gram of arginine!


    ALLMAX products are manufactured in a government inspected pharmaceutical licensed manufacturing facility, which ensures product quality and integrity. Each batch of ALLMAX Arginine produced is independently lab tested for purity and potency, ensuring consistent quality every time.

    Suggested Use:

    Mix one round teaspoon (5g) of ALLMAX ARGININE in water or juice 1-3 times daily. For workouts and sporting events, take ALLMAX ARGININE approximately 30 minutes before training. *When not exercising, mix one teaspoon (5g) of ALLMAX ARGININE upon waking and/or before sleeping.
    Taste Tip: Add unsweetened sweetener and lemon juice with water to 5 g of ALLMAX ARGININE. To enhance the benefits of other supplements, ALLMAX ARGININE can be mixed with protein shakes and creatine drinks such as ALLMAX KRUSH4™ and ALLMAX ISOFLEX™.

    Mélangez une cuillère à café ronde (5g) d'ALLMAX ARGININE dans de l'eau ou du jus 1 à 3 fois par jour. Pour les séances d'entraînement et les événements sportifs, prendre ALLMAX ARGININE environ 30 minutes avant l'entraînement.

    *Lorsque vous ne vous entraînez pas, mélangez une cuillère à café (5 g) d'ALLMAX ARGININE au réveil et/ou avant de dormir.

    Conseil de dégustation : Ajoutez un édulcorant non sucré et du jus de citron avec de l'eau à 5 g d'ALLMAX ARGININE.
    Pour augmenter les bienfaits d'autres compléments, ALLMAX ARGININE peut être mélangé à des boissons protéinées et des boissons à base de créatine comme ALLMAX KRUSH4™ et ALLMAX ISOFLEX™.

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