Agmatine + Sulfate 34G



Agmatine is a small molecule that the body makes naturally from the amino acid, arginine. Agmatine is a decarboxylated metabolite of arginine. Put simply, agmatine is what arginine becomes in the body.

Agmatine has a double function:

A) Selective inhibition of the enzyme that breaks down nitric oxide - the result, increased nitric oxide (NO).

B) Direct stimulation of NO. Increased NO creates an environment conducive to increased nutrient delivery, improved elimination of metabolic wastes, and most importantly, increased overall performance.

NITRIC OXIDE - Vascularity, blood volume, pump:
Agmatine modulates nitric oxide (NO) in different ways. It stimulates certain types of nitric oxide synthase (NOS) while inhibiting others, in this respect it is considered "selective". This is essential for the proper functioning of the polyamine biosynthetic pathways. There are 3 forms of NOS, iNOS (inducible), nNOS (neuronal) and eNOS (endothelial).

Research suggests that agmatine is unique in that it stimulates eNOS while limiting iNOS and eNOS. This is a very important difference for those of us looking for increased vascularity, increased blood flow and volume. Among bodybuilders, agmatine has become legendary for its ability to produce long lasting pumps. It has even been dubbed perpetual pump by some.


Lean Body Mass - Improved Insulin Response:
Some research has shown that agmatine helps improve insulin production, which leads to better insulin response. This provides positive effects in achieving body composition goals. Although the research is still considered preliminary, it may indicate improved insulin response; if so, it could impact a leaner, harder physique.

Agmatine has been shown to affect the release of catecholamines (epinephrine > norepinephrine > dopamine). They are chemical messengers that play an important role in energy production, fat loss and stress.

There are well-established effects that epinephrine can have on the body, including:

  • Increased stamina
  • Improve performance
  • Decrease in body fat

ANTI-OXIDANT ACTION - Reduction of AGEs (Advanced Glycation End-Products):

Some research has shown that agmatine has an antioxidant role. There can be no greater source of free radical accumulation than that seen in the athlete's daily activity. The sheer stress the body experiences when you're an athlete in the trenches (i.e. in the gym, on the field, etc.) could ultimately have significant adverse effects with a continuous accumulation. Agmatine may offer some protection against the damaging effects that free radicals can have on the body.

STRESS - The cortisol response:

Agmatine has shown anxiolytic (anxiety relief) activity in some research and may offer potential control of high cortisol levels in the stressful life of the athlete.


The majority of research recommends a daily dosage of agmatine sulfate between 250mg and 2.5 grams. We recommend a dosage of 750mg approximately 30-45 minutes before a workout.

ALLMAX Agmatine Sulfate comes in a highly pure (greater than 99% strength) and stable powder form that allows you to dose very precisely and add to your stack of choice. A very practical 1.5 cc scoop is included, allowing a dosage of 750 mg.


Agmatine is a natural substance produced by different areas of the body. Indeed, several disease states appear to be associated with abnormally low levels of Agmatine in various parts of the body.

Research on adult rats that consumed large amounts of agmatine sulfate for three months showed no adverse effects on their behavior or organs. The only effects seen were small but significant reductions in body weight and blood pressure. While clinical trials in humans have shown that taking 3.5 g of agmatine sulfate per day is safe for 21 days, two researchers consumed 2.6 g of agmatine sulfate per day for five years and had no adverse effects. Thus, agmatine sulfate is probably safe when taken in doses of 2-3 g daily for five years or more in healthy people.



Don't rely on under-dosed pre-workout powders to get the level of agmatine sulfate that's right for you! Get ALLMAX Agmatine Sulfate and add the perfect level for your workout. You choose the dosage that suits you best! And most importantly, it's cheap! You get over 45 servings in just one bottle.


ALLMAX uses only the finest ingredients in all of its products - Agmatine Sulfate is no exception. We've chosen the purest, most organic form possible to ensure our consumers get the best product available. Unlike many other agmatine sulphate products on the market, ours is an organic version of natural origin which has the advantage of not only being purer (dosage >99%), but also of be exempt.


La majorité des recherches recommandent un dosage quotidien de sulfate d'agmatine compris entre 250 mg et 2,5 grammes. Nous recommandons un dosage de 750 mg environ 30-45 minutes avant une séance d'entraînement.

Le sulfate d'agmatine ALLMAX se présente sous forme de poudre très pure (dosage supérieur à 99 %) et stable qui vous permet de doser très précisément et d'ajouter à la pile de votre choix. Une cuillère très pratique de 1,5 cc est incluse, permettant un dosage de 750 mg.


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