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Batch 27 Pre Workout


What's that?

Nowadays, pre-training nutritional supplements are a basic part of the training regime of most athletes. Many people swear by them, and some say they can't go to the gym without them. How about you? Everyone could use more energy throughout their workout.

However, did you know that not all pre-workouts are created equal? These days, many pre-workouts are simply loaded with stimulants, giving you a crazy burst of energy, and not much else. Even if you feel more tingling and warmth, that doesn't mean that your preliminary training is doing you much good.

Workouts with strong stimulants are inexpensive and it's easy to be fooled into thinking they do the trick, because you get an immediate energy boost, similar to the one you get from a cup of coffee. Other companies know this and use it to their advantage.

What does it do?

We've done things a little differently. We've gotten the most scientifically researched ingredients and incorporated them into our product. A good workout beforehand should give you:

Extra energy

Improved muscle pumps

Long-lasting endurance

Stronger production

Laser Focusing

And above all, putting you in an anabolic state, increasing muscle protein synthesis, allowing you to build more muscle.

That's exactly what we did.

Adultes : 1 portion 1 fois par jour

Mélanger 1 portion (1/2 cuillère) dans 1/2 à 1 tasse de liquide (eau, jus, etc.) immédiatement avant consommation.

Remuez bien et buvez immédiatement.


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