Godzilla - 796g


There can only be ONE king, and the king of pre-workouts has arrived. The officially licensed Noel Deyzel X Godzilla® Pre-Workout is an absolute monster. Packing a massive 40g serving, this giant offers city-crushing pumps, razor-sharp focus and long-lasting explosive energy. Loaded with 12 ingredients, 5 clinically researched trademarks and a delicious explosion of flavors, your new favorite pre-workout is ready for battle.

  • 11 g total citrulline for massive pumps* (9 g pure L-citrulline and 2 g citrulline nitrate NO3-T® patented.)
  • 3.2 g beta-alanine to buffer lactic acid, reduce muscle fatigue and increase overall endurance*.
  • 400mg total caffeine from anhydrous caffeine and patented zumXR® sustained-release caffeine for clean, accident-free energy*.
  • 20mg Thinkamine™ Proprietary Vincamine for razor-sharp focus and euphoria*.
  • Completely transparent formula. Zero proprietary blends.

Prendre 1 scoop dans un minimum de 250ml d'eau et le consommer 15 à 30 minutes avant l'entrainement. Varier la quantité de liquide en fonction du goût.
Utiliser uniquement selon les instructions.


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