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Cortixia 90 Caps


In this day and age, we've become more stressed than our ancestors were 50 years ago, both psychologically and physiologically. When stress occurs, our bodies react by secreting cortisol. In the long term, if levels of this hormone remain high, it will cause adrenal fatigue (chronic fatigue) and also destabilize other bodily systems such as the thyroid and endocrine systems. Cortixia has been specifically developed to lower cortisol levels in the body and promote healthy sleep. High cortisol levels can lead to fat accumulation, mainly in the abdominal area. Cortixia helps prevent this type of accumulation, along with its other benefits of mood control, body recovery and general increase in well-being.

On recommande 3 capsules par jour, les 3 au coucher.

lab-tested quebec-product keto-friendly lactose free nuts-free

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