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Volume 120caps

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For large pumps!

The new VOLUME capsules from Magnum Nutraceuticals allow you to increase and intensify your muscle pumps!

Designed with clinically dosed premium ingredients, Magnum VOLUME will improve nitric oxide production, blood flow, exercise efficiency and concentration. Results are instantaneous by increasing vasodilation.

Magnum VOLUME directs more oxygen and nutrients into your muscle tissues, delaying fatigue during training.

Magnum VOLUME is formulated to maximize nitric oxide production.

It hinders your body’s ability to decrease nitric oxide once it has been produced. The result? Breathtaking voluminous pumps that last all day!

See the effect of the most massive muscle pumps of your life and enjoy them at the gym!

  • Amplifies the muscle pumps.
  • Maximizes nitric oxide production.
  • Improves oxygen and blood flow.
  • Increases mental focus
  • Improves the effectiveness of exercise.

Adultes : Prendre 5 capsules 1 fois par jour.

keto-friendly gluten-free nuts-free lab-tested

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