Magnum - Primer Performance Packs


Prendre 1 paquet de 8 capsules 1 fois par jour avec un repas.
Ne pas croquer ni écraser.

Prendre quelques heures avant la prise de d'autres médicaments.


Magnum Primer to perform, be healthy and achieve excellence. Primer’s unique and revolutionary method of administration is suitable for the most demanding consumers. The consumer has the opportunity to open the capsules and mix pharmaceutical-grade raw materials into a smoothie or smoothie. No tablet compressed to the size of a horse allows such versatility. Separate research has shown that people who took a multivitamin for four months saw a significant increase in energy, mood and sleep compared to those who took a placebo. This is why Magnum had the responsibility to create a solution so that everyone, even those who wish to avoid consuming capsules or tablets, could benefit from a product like Primer.

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