E Brake (72 capsules)


Magnum E-Brake is a powerful anti-aromatic compound that reduces estrogen in your body at lightning speed. Estrogen production is the product of the aromatase enzyme, which converts testosterone into estrogen. Like the handbrake of a high-performance vehicle, Magnum E-Brake is specifically formulated to slow estrogen production with extreme precision. The benefits of estrogen reduction include increased strength, improved muscle growth, reduced recovery time, decreased body weight and increased libido. The best part is that these amazing effects occur in both men and women, making E_BRAKE a «one-stop-shop» for hormonal optimization. By decreasing estrogen production, you will look thinner and more muscular than ever while maintaining high strength levels. E-BRAKE is formulated to distinguish itself from other anti-aromatase products thanks to its unique profile of clinically proven ingredients in carefully calibrated dosages. As a bonus, E-BRAKE decreases the conversion of testosterone to dihydroxytestosterone (DHT), thereby increasing free testosterone levels.

  • When you need a lean, hard figure, make estrogen and DHT stop in the blink of an eye. Take the Magnum E-Brand
  • Overfed muscle growth and strength
  • Reduced recovery time after workouts
  • Hardened muscles for a more muscular and defined look
  • Increased libido

Prendre 3 capsules, 30 minutes avant le coucher.

keto-friendly gluten-free nuts-free lab-tested

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