Gamma Force

Estrogen Balance (60 capsules)


Gamma Force's Estrogen-Balance formula offers you a unique product made up of top-quality, research-backed, synergistic ingredients selected for their estrogen-balancing properties and effective elimination of fat-soluble toxins.

It contains an ideal concentration of diindolylmethane (DIM) to help maintain and promote healthy estrogen metabolism in both men and women. Trans-resveratrol is used in this formula for its anti-estrogenic effects and its ability to modulate genes. Stabilized BroccoRaphanin® (sulforaphane glucocinolate), green tea EGCG and curcumin are used for their action in modulating phase I and II detoxification activity, and in increasing the internal synthesis of glutathione, a crucial hepatic antioxidant in phase II detoxification. Last but not least, calcium D-glucarate binds with the body's own toxic compounds, thanks to glucuronic acid, to promote better elimination of fat-soluble toxins.

Prendre 1 capsule par jour.

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