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Mass Fusion 16lbs




Building muscle is an anabolic process that is calorie dependent. If you’re not eating enough total calories each day to meet your metabolic needs, you will never build muscle. For athletes with a fast metabolism or hard gainers who just can’t gain weight no matter how much they eat, we engineered MASS FUSION® 2.0. Each serving contains 950 clean calories and three different protein sources: 100% whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate and micellar casein. Each of these protein sources is absorbed by your body at a different rate, allowing you to avoid slipping into a catabolic state and losing mass. By consuming all three proteins, you get a continuous elevation in protein synthesis for up to eight hours. MASS FUSION® 2.0. also delivers 19 grams of essential amino acids (EAAs), 9 grams of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) and 6.5 grams of glutamine and glutamic acid!

Clean Carbs & Healthy Fats
MASS FUSION® 2.0 also contains 170 grams of rapid- and sustained-release carbohydrates derived from WAXYBOLIC® and whole-food carb sources including quinoa and sweet potato. This complex carbohydrate blend stabilizes blood glucose levels while maximizing performance. Within minutes of drinking MASS FUSION® 2.0, your blood glucose levels slowly rise yet remain stable as the carbohydrate matrix is slowly digested and absorbed. This stabilized insulin output is critical for keeping your body in an anabolic growth state. MASS FUSION® 2.0 also includes a healthy fats matrix with conjugated linoleic acids (CLAs) and medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) from coconut. This combination further supports quality mass gains faster than you ever thought possible.

No Amino Spiking
MASS FUSION® 2.0 is manufactured in a government-inspected manufacturing facility to ensure maximum quality you can trust. The formula contains only whole protein sources with no added amino acids—just pure protein with zero amino spiking. What’s on the label is what’s inside every bottle.

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