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Dextrose is the most effective and cost-efficient post-workout carbohydrate available. Research confirms that it replenishes muscle glycogen levels quickly and enhances the uptake of creatine and carnitine by your muscle fibers, which makes Post JYM Fast-Digesting Carb (Dextrose) the perfect companion to the Post JYM Active Ingredients Matrix.

When taken together, there is no better way to recover from your workouts, build muscle mass, and increase strength than with the complete Post JYM system of active ingredients and fast carbs. Plus, the delicious, refreshing taste of Post JYM makes it a supplement you'll look forward to drinking after every workout. I know that I do!"

Hit the JYM!

Jim Stoppani, PhD
Owner, JYM Supplement Science

Post JYM Active Ingredients Matrix Features

After workouts, a fast-digesting (high-glycemic) carb is one of the most critical nutrients to ingest. Fast carbs are necessary to replenish the muscle glycogen that you burned during the workout as quickly as possible.

  • Research confirms that working out for as little as 30 minutes can deplete muscle glycogen levels by more than 40%. Intense workouts lasting 60-90 minutes would deplete muscle glycogen levels considerably more.
  • When carbs are consumed immediately postworkout, a supercompensation of muscle glycogen stores is possible. In fact, delaying carb consumption by just 2 hours has been shown to reduce the rate of glycogen replenishment by 50%.
  • Another benefit of high-glcyemic carbs is the insulin spike that they deliver. A post-workout increase in insulin helps maximize the uptake of creatine and carnitine (included in Post JYM Active Ingredients Matrix) by the muscle cells.
  • Dextrose is one of the fastest-digesting carbohydrates you can consume. It’s essentially glucose (what blood sugar is) and therefore needs no digesting and is absorbed by the body almost immediately

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