Estradia 90 Caps

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Estradia 90 Caps

Nova Pharma

Exposure to oestrogen is frequent. Our body is constantly exposed to bad oestrogens through sources like PBAs in plastic containers or bottles, in pesticides or herbicides, in hormones used in meat transformation or in many chemical agents found in our environment. This allows a build-up of oestrogen in the body that may lead to health issues. It can also lead to an increase in fat in the lower body, the presence of cellulite and an increase in water retention. Estradia was developed to help the body eliminate surplus bad oestrogen and help maintain a healthy level of oestrogen. The mixture has been designed to reduce the transformation of oestrogen (E2) to bad oestrogens (E4 and E16 with sulforaphane and DIM) and to increase elimination of these bad oestrogens (calcium d-Glucarate and green tea leaf extract).


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