Rise - Lifting Strips (Pack of 2)


Take out the Rise lifting strips when your pulling muscles can't take any more, and watch them do just that. No longer will your grip prevent you from reaching true muscle exhaustion - it's time to get the most out of your workout. Made from the highest quality cotton, our lifting straps are designed to work every time you need them. Take the guesswork out of what your next pair of lifting straps should be and hit the gym.

The Rise lifting strips are an essential tool for people looking to build quality muscle. When performing an elevator, the weaker muscle involved will always be fatigued before the larger ones can take full advantage of the exercise. In the case of many elevators, it's the handle that causes premature failure.

Essentially, this means that without lifting strips, your forearms will often tire before you can really give your back, glutes and shoulders the stimulation they need to grow.

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