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Knee pads 25cm

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Your squats aren't ready.

Take it to the next level with Rise Knee sleeves. Whether it's for rehab purposes or to take extra care on your next PR squat, you can count on them.

Perfectly designed to hug your knees, the knee pads offer superior warmth and pressure relief. The snug fit - but not too tight, of course - means you can squat until you puke and it won't budge. We know performance counts. Impeccable anatomical design means you can easily put on or take off the knee pads without fuss. Enhanced joint stability means your shape has never looked better. And with relief from any knee pain you may be experiencing, knee pads may seem too good to be true, but we promise, they're not. Made from thick 7mm neoprene, with the Rise durability you know and trust. Supplied in pairs of two (2).

How to clean your knee pads:

Turn kneepads inside out
Using a bucket or large bowl, add cold water and two tablespoons of white vinegar.
Soak kneepads for 30 to 60 minutes
Squeeze out excess water
Air-dry on a flat surface

Wait until the knee pads are completely dry before using them again. Wash once every two months.

Important *
- Do NOT dry clean
- Do NOT bleach
- Do NOT iron

Fabric: Neoprene


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