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MRE Protein Shake
Vanilla milkshake
40g of protein
Artificial flavor
This complete meal replacement, MRE, is now available on the go. In the army, M.R.E. means Meals Ready to Eat; these meal boxes are distributed to soldiers in the field as fuel during intense combat situations. The Redcon1, MRE family of products is built on this concept. Each product in the line gives you a complete meal replacement filled with delicious food choices that will replenish your system when you need it most.

MRE Protein Shake offers the same milkshake taste and similar whole food sources as these MRE protein powders, but it comes in a ready-to-drink shake. MRE Protein Shake is ready to fuel you up with energy, anytime, anywhere. Take it with you when you run between activities. Sip it in the morning on the way to work. Drink it before or after training


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