Redcon - Mre RTD Protein Shake 500ml


Being at the highest level of preparation does not only mean preparing or perfecting. It's about being prepared, ready and looking your best, all the time... even on the go. That's why we've taken our best-known protein powder, MRE®, and crafted a convenient, ready-to-drink shake that delivers quality nutrition and will keep you energized anytime, anywhere. .

MRE® PROTEIN SHAKE features an ingredient profile consistent with the entire MRE line: whole food protein sources, never whey or lactose, and delicious milkshake flavors.

With 40g of protein from real whole foods in every shake, it's never been easier or more convenient to have a nutritious and satisfying meal, whatever your schedule.


For added dietary protein, a bridge between meals or a nutritious snack, shake well and enjoy. It is best served cold. Refrigerate after opening.

* We are not responsible for the condition of the products after delivery, weather conditions can damage the finish of the product, however the effectiveness and nutritional values ​​do not suffer.

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