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Pharmafreak - Ripped Freak 60 Caps

Pharmafreak - Ripped Freak 60 capsules.

The first class of hybrid supplement compounds ever created is found only in Ripped Freak, and they include a group of key fat loss ingredients that are linked to methyl gallate ester. Methyl Gallate Ester is used in the pharmaceutical industry to provide superior bioavailability and extended half-life in the body!

The science behind the Ripped Monster!

The methyl gallate ester gives the Ripped Freak formula several key benefits! Methyl gallate ester inhibits the breakdown of Ripped Freak's ingredients in the stomach, which means they are more efficiently absorbed and distributed throughout the body to their target tissues. This is exactly why Ripped Freak produces stronger effects and has a bigger impact on your body's total fat burning capacity!

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