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Nutrabolics - Thermal XTC 174g


Ajouter une scoop de THERMAL XTC® (5,8 g) à 8 oz – 10 oz / 250 ml – 300 ml d’eau froide et agiter pendant quelques secondes. Consommer 15 minutes avant l’exercice.

Commencez par une portion pour évaluer la tolérance avant d’envisager d’augmenter la dose.
Ne dépassez jamais deux portions par jour.
Pour de meilleurs résultats, combinez avec un programme de régime et d’exercice.


THERMAL XTC® contains 11 breakthrough ingredients that work synergistically to ignite your body's true fat burning potential. The formula contains no proprietary blends, artificial colors, aspartame, or other fillers your body doesn't need - just pure fat-loss power you can feel. One scoop provides 3,475 milligrams of active ingredients, including 2,000 milligrams of L-tyrosine, 300 milligrams of green coffee bean extract, 135 milligrams of caffeine anhydrous, and 100 milligrams of green tea extract. This combination works synergistically to promote rapid fat loss while increasing basal metabolic rate (BMR). THERMAL XTC® also contains evodia (1% evodiamine), a thermogenic stimulant that has been shown to increase core body temperature while reducing fluid retention, making it the perfect addition to any cutting pile. Guggulsterone helps to optimize the natural performance of the thyroid. Chundan (Salacia reticulata) helps reduce carbohydrate and fat absorption. Gamma-butyrobetaine is a precursor to L-carnitine, which helps your body metabolize fat for use as energy and increases endurance.

Euphoric energy and focus

THERMAL XTC® also works as a powerful mood booster thanks to the inclusion of a rare nutmeg extract called Myristica fragrans along with several breakthrough ingredients. These over-the-counter substances provide an unparalleled sensory experience that you simply won't believe. THERMAL XTC® is unlike any other legally available fat burner.

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