Nutrabolics - Supernova Infinite Pre Workout 292g

Nutrabolics - Supernova Infinite Pre Workout 292g.

Supernova® Infinite has been scientifically developed to ignite your workouts with explosive energy, ultimate endurance and laser focus like never before.

Supernova® Infinite contains 10 of the most clinically proven ingredients for pre-workout supplementation, including a 2-gram mega-dose of the patented Peak O2,™ adaptogen 6 grams of citrulline malate, 1.5 gram of Betaine, 500 mg of Lion's Horsehair and 600 mg of Dendrobium, a CNS stimulant that improves performance.

This fully transparent energy enhancer is also equipped with a targeted neural blend, which includes HuperzineA (150mcg), Theanine (100mg), Theobromine (300mg) and a clinical dose of 350mg of the hyper smart supplement -focus, DMAE (350mg).

Get ready for infinite power, infinite strength and infinite energy with Supernova® Infinite.

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