Nutrabolics - Keto Carbs 420g

Nutrabolics - Keto Carbs 420g.

The ketogenic diet is a great way to get shredded, but because it requires your body to create and burn ketones for energy, it can seriously compromise your athletic performance. If you decided to boost your energy by taking a regular carb like maltodextrin, your body would kick out of ketosis and you would lose all of your hard-earned progress. Unlike supplements using base carbohydrates like maltodextrin, KETOCARB™ is a 100% vegan, clean and sustainable source of energy that allows you to fuel your workouts, without giving up ketosis! In real human clinical trials, researchers found that 100% of participants remained in ketosis when taking 1 serving of KETOCARB™ compared to a control group taking a maltodextrin supplement. So, do you have to be on keto to take KETO CARB? ™ Not at all - this product is perfectly suited to the physical demands of any dedicated athlete, busy professional or fitness enthusiast looking for clean carbohydrate fuel and to maintain a healthy weight.


Until now, carb consumers and high performance athletes have had to take the good with the bad in coming to terms with the negative effects of base carbohydrates on glucose and fat storage. Traditional carb sources like maltodextrin can create massive spikes in blood sugar and insulin, leading to hormonal imbalances, energy blackouts, mood swings, bloating, and a host of other unwanted consequences. By working to avoid these effects, KETO CARB™ has been shown to produce a stabilized and 27% lower blood sugar response. KETOCARB™ also minimizes fluctuations in anabolic and fat reducing hormones by promoting an 82% lower insulin response. With an osmolality of just 30 mOsm, it's the ideal choice for weightlifters and performance athletes looking to revolutionize their pre- and post-workout energy refueling process.

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