Nutrabolics - Anabolic State - 375g


Ajouter une scoop de ANABOLIC STATE® (12,5 g) à 8 oz – 10 oz / 250 ml – 300 ml d’eau froide et agiter pendant quelques secondes.
Consommez 1 à 3 portions par jour pour hydrater et aider à favoriser le renforcement musculaire et réduire les douleurs musculaires pendant ou après une séance d’exercice intense.
Pour de meilleurs résultats, combinez avec un programme de régime et d’exercice.


Anabolic State Elite is the ultimate intra-workout EAA and BCAA product for those who demand the best! This cutting-edge formula contains 10g of plant-derived essential amino acids for muscle growth and repair, 1g of Peak02 ® for increased power and endurance, and 1g of Glycerol90 for increased endurance, hydration and muscle pumps. Each scoop of Anabolic State Elite also contains the clinically studied dose of alpha-hydroxy-isocaproic acid (HICA), which has been shown to help increase lean muscle mass. This intra-workout innovation is a delicious sugar- and carbohydrate-free way to help anyone get through an intense workout while promoting muscle building and recovery.

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