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Mg-Pro 90 caps


Improve your well-being with M-G PRO magnesium supplement.

In our modern diet, it's often difficult to get enough magnesium, a mineral essential for healthy functioning. That's why M-G PRO is indispensable. Our magnesium supplement can help you maintain healthy bones and teeth, ensure proper bone formation and support energy metabolism.

When you choose M-G PROyou're choosing a magnesium supplement magnesium supplement that has been specially formulated to deliver optimal benefits. Each serving contains different sources of magnesium, carefully selected for their potency and bioavailability. This ensures maximum absorption, allowing you to reap the full benefits of this essential mineral.

Give your body the nutrients it needs to function optimally.

Benefits and advantages
Helps reinforce positive effects on memory
Helps energize muscle cells
Helps recovery after exercise
Helps facilitate relaxation

Prendre 1 à 2 capsules 1 fois par jour le soir régulièrement.

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