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Nova Pharma - Estradia 90 Caps


On recommande 1 capsules deux fois par jour pour de meilleurs résultats, matin et soir.


Estrogen exposure is common. Our body is constantly exposed to bad estrogen through sources such as PBAs in plastic containers or bottles, in pesticides or herbicides, in hormones used in meat processing or in many chemical agents present in our environment. This allows estrogen to build up in the body which can lead to health problems. It can also lead to increased fat in the lower body, the presence of cellulite and increased water retention. Estradia was developed to help the body eliminate excess bad estrogen and maintain healthy estrogen levels. The blend was designed to reduce the conversion of estrogen (E2) into bad estrogen (E4 and E16 with sulforaphane and DIM) and to increase the elimination of these bad estrogens (calcium d-Glucarate and tea leaf extract green).

Estradia dosage: 2 capsules per day are recommended for best results. Morning and evening

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