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Prendre 1 scoop par jour à la boisson chaude ou froide de votre choix et mélangez jusqu'à dissolution complète.


Each serving of pure marine collagen provides 10 grams of pure hydrolyzed collagen from wild fish!

All of us have collagen in our bodies. It is the most abundant protein in the body. But, starting in your twenties, the body naturally produces less. Usually there is a loss of collagen on the skin, where wrinkles and fine lines form. But ultimately, the loss of collagen also affects the integrity of our bones, joints and muscles.

But the good news is that consuming high-quality collagen can help reverse collagen loss, improve skin appearance, joint health and much more.

We've created pure collagen from marine sources to make it easy for you to consume the collagen you need every day to look and feel good.

Pure collagen is ...

  • Easy to absorb: Ten grams of pure hydrolyzed collagen per serving.
  • obtained from sustainable and conscious methods : From marine sources from wild fish caught in the North Atlantic, whose skins we use, byproducts of other industries that would otherwise not be used.
  • easy to use: Simply mix pure collagen into water, coffee, tea, smoothies, energy balls, oatmeal or soup ... the list goes on!
  • gluten, dairy and GMO free.
  • available with no added flavor (completely odorless and tasteless!) or lemon/lime flavor to flavor your water.
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