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OxyShred Hardcore 248g-284g last chance!

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Expiration date: 06/2024

Not for the faint-hearted, Oxyshred Hardcore has been formulated with scientifically researched ingredients that promote a sharp focus, outstanding performance and consistent energy to get you moving and shredding fat. Work hard and reach your goals, with the hardcore version of the university-studied shredding formula, OxyShred.

Maintaining momentum and power throughout the day with sustained energy can be challenging when you're chasing big goals. Balancing a busy schedule and getting the most out of every workout can often lead to burnout or detour. There's no time to waste for those who want to reach their full potential in the most efficient way possible.

How to use it?

On training days, take 1 scoop with 9 oz (295 ml) of chilled water 10 minutes before exercise. On non-workout days, take 1 scoop with 9 oz (295 ml) of chilled water on an empty stomach.

Do NOT exceed one scoop per day. Avoid eating or consuming other foods or drinking a protein shake within 20 minutes of taking OxyShred Hardcore.

    expiration: 06/2024

    Les jours d'entraînement, prendre 1 scoop avec 300 ml d'eau réfrigérée 10 minutes avant l'exercice. Les jours sans entraînement, prendre 1 scoop avec 300 ml d'eau réfrigérée à jeun.

    Ne dépassez PAS plus d'une scoop par jour.
    Évitez de manger ou de consommer d'autres aliments ou de boire un shake protéiné dans les 20 minutes suivant la consommation d'OxyShred Hardcore.


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