Allmax - Meal Prep 5.6lbs


Mélangez ou secouez 1 scoop (32 g) de notre substitut de repas ou mélangez-la avec environ 100 à 300ml d’eau froide ou de lait à faible teneur en gras, selon le goût et la consistance désirés.


Introducing a whole new way to get real healthy food, ALLMAX MEAL PREP! That's right !

Real whole food, we need it, it nourishes us, helps us heal and repair, and energizes us through intense activity. We cook it, we plan meals with it, we share it with our friends and we bring families together with it.

ALLMAX has created the world's best "ALL FOOD MEAL" with its brand new and delicious MEAL MIX.

Now you can tailor your meal size to your activity level, from 140 calories to 550 calories per meal. It can be mixed on the go; it eliminates food waste and reduces prep time to next to nothing.

Ingredients :

Protein Blend - Meat, Eggs and Legumes
Whole Grain Fusion - Rolled oats, rice, quinoa, flax, nuts and seeds
Mix of fruits and vegetables - Dark greens, berries and citrus
Superfood Matrix - Mushrooms, Ginger & Matcha Green Tea
Electrohydration Complex - Sea salt, calcium and potassium.

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